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Mathematical Details Behind Reward Chart



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In the interest of transparency and to allow everyone to verify here are the detailed calculations that yielded these results.

For this Example we used a wallet with 1,070,000,000,000 Enhance tokens, or .107% of the supply was focused on, with several smaller wallets used to ensure consistency.

It was logged between 3PM on 2/12/2022 to 5AM on 2/14/2022 that this wallet gained 3,922 Safemoon rewards.

During this 38 hour period there was $54.5k volume on Safemoon Swap and $6.6k on Pancake Swap, for a total volume of $61.1k.

At this rate, an even 1 trillion tokens would have accumulated 3,655 Safemoon in rewards.

To adjust the numbers for an even $100k volume, a multiplier of “1.636” was applied to 3,655 with a result of 5,981.

A less than 1% adjustment was done to make it simple at 6,000 Safemoon per $100k volume when holding 1 trillion tokens.

At the time of this analysis, Safemoon was at an approximate price of $0.0017 per token, or 588 tokens per $1.

Another small adjustment to 600 for ease of calculation within the margin of error was made.

To get the starting point of 10 Billion Enhance gaining 600 Safemoon per $1 million volume, the 1 trillion was divided by 100 (taking Safemoon amount to 60 from 6,000).

Then the volume multiplied by 10 from 100k to 1 million (taking Safemoon amount to 600, or $1). The rest of the chart was simple multiplication.

I did simple looks at 4 other wallets containing 50 billion, 5 billion, 3 billion, and 1.5 billion and saw the numbers were consistent.

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