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So, you just bought some enhance. Now what? FAQ



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Bought Enhance Token?

We are aware of this issue. Currently, the Safemoon Wallet pulls pricing info from CoinMarketCap and CoinMarketCap is reflecting inaccurate information. The easiest way to know the accurate price of your ENH is by using the SFM-Swap within the SFM-Wallet. Just select ENH and swap it against BUSD.

We suggest checking DexScreener when looking for accurate information regarding ENH and the SafemoonSwap.

EnhanceToken is available on the SafemoonSwap and PancakeSwap.

The future of Enhance is limitless. We are just getting started and we have already made many strides. You can check out our roadmap at the Official EnhanceToken Website. You can even get a glimpse into what’s to come at our launchpad site at Hello Enhance

Take a peak at your rewards by visiting the Official EnhanceToken Tracker

The rewards are divvied out to holders is based on the Volume of ENH. This also applies to when they will airdropped into your wallet. The contract stores your rewards till enough has been accumulated to cover the gas fees in order to give you the exact amount you have accumulated at no cost to you.

Short answer is, Yes, you can.

  1.    The easiest way to receive your SFM rewards is by holding and waiting, they will get to you. If you have a small amount of SFM bult up, this is the cheapest way since the contract covers the gas fees.
  2.    You can receive your rewards anytime by interacting with the Smart Contract. i.e. the buying and selling of enhance. This forces the contract to release your SFM rewards right away so that it can reevaluate and recalculate your holdings making sure you get your proper 11%
  3.    You can also manually claim your rewards by interacting with the contract via BSCscan. The Official EnhanceToken Discord has a step by step walkthrough on how to do this.

Currently The wallet has a calculation error within it’s system. This is beyond us and is up to the SFM devs to address. I suggest using the Safemoon WebSwap. No problems there.

Gas refers to the $ amount needed to use the BSC Network. Gas fees can fluctuate every minute, hour or day depending on the price of BNB. Other factors apply as well but we have no control over how much *gas* is needed when attempting to use the BSC Network.

For some reason there is a slight error when trying to sell. But as of currently here is how you do it.

  1.    Be sure to have $15-20 BNB to cover the BSC network gass fees.
  2.    When choosing the amount of ENH you want to sell. Make sure the total amount ends in a the #1. ie ENH 1,000,000,001 (I don’t know why. It just works.)
  3.    Set *Slippage* to 25%.
  4.    Set *Speed* to Fastest. *Lightning* if you are using the Wallet.
  5.    SWAP.

Just to be clear, Slippage has nothing to do with gas fees or the auto 14% tax of ENH.

*Slippage* refers to the volatility of the token on the BSC network at any given time and can be changed due to a number of factors. The ENH smart contracts goes through multiple stages whenever a holder buys or sells which is why you must have $15-20 BNB in order to cover those fees. Setting Slippage to 25% allows for BSC to take in consideration the tokens volatile movement of the

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have a good day 🙂

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Enhance Token

Mathematical Details Behind Reward Chart




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In the interest of transparency and to allow everyone to verify here are the detailed calculations that yielded these results.

For this Example we used a wallet with 1,070,000,000,000 Enhance tokens, or .107% of the supply was focused on, with several smaller wallets used to ensure consistency.

It was logged between 3PM on 2/12/2022 to 5AM on 2/14/2022 that this wallet gained 3,922 Safemoon rewards.

During this 38 hour period there was $54.5k volume on Safemoon Swap and $6.6k on Pancake Swap, for a total volume of $61.1k.

At this rate, an even 1 trillion tokens would have accumulated 3,655 Safemoon in rewards.

To adjust the numbers for an even $100k volume, a multiplier of “1.636” was applied to 3,655 with a result of 5,981.

A less than 1% adjustment was done to make it simple at 6,000 Safemoon per $100k volume when holding 1 trillion tokens.

At the time of this analysis, Safemoon was at an approximate price of $0.0017 per token, or 588 tokens per $1.

Another small adjustment to 600 for ease of calculation within the margin of error was made.

To get the starting point of 10 Billion Enhance gaining 600 Safemoon per $1 million volume, the 1 trillion was divided by 100 (taking Safemoon amount to 60 from 6,000).

Then the volume multiplied by 10 from 100k to 1 million (taking Safemoon amount to 600, or $1). The rest of the chart was simple multiplication.

I did simple looks at 4 other wallets containing 50 billion, 5 billion, 3 billion, and 1.5 billion and saw the numbers were consistent.

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Enhance, NFT’s, Masks, & Apes. FAQ and how to buy!



Enhnace NFT Topics

NFT stands for “Non-fungible Token.” An NFT  is a unique unit of data employing technology that allows digital content—from videos, songs, images, and books—to become logged and authenticated on a cryptocurrency blockchain.

NFT’s are owned by you solely on the blockchain. They start off by being “minted” on an NFT generating site and are owned by the artist. Once you buy an NFT from the artist of your choice the contract that holds the NFT transfers ownership to you.

Minting an NFT is how your digital art becomes a part of the blockchain–a public ledger that is unchangeable and tamper-proof. Similar to the way that metal coins are minted and added into circulation, NFTs are also tokens that get “minted.”

There are many ways to create an NFT and many different platforms you can use. Enhance has our very own NFT Marketplace. It was built with creators of NFT’s in mind. For more information on that platform. click here 

Its important to make sure to do your own research before deciding on the platform you want to use when creating NFT’s

The Enhance NFT Masks currently have a few utilities.

  • Many of them came with a guaranteed Enhanced Ape NFT. which jump started the enhanced ape nft project! 
  • To give you exclusive access and perks to automatic entries for future draws, products and projects.
  • Gives you VIP Access to Enhance Events both in the Metaverse and IRL.

By purchasing masks you are becoming part of an exclusive community and fueling the rocket for Enhanced Apes. They no longer come with an ape when bought and are all after market.

Currently, all the masks have been sold out. If you happen have yourself a Mask from the first 250 release drop, you will automatically be receiving 1 Enhanced NFT Ape. If you happen to have yourself an odd numbered Mask from the second 250 drop, ie 253, 255, 257 ect. You will be receiving a free Enhanced NFT Mask.

Additionally, if you are dead set on getting your hands on a mask. You can always search for Masks to buy on resale at ExploreNFT. Remember to always check the authenticity of the mask.

Masks are only created and minted by the following contract & user profile.
Explore NFT official Enhance Profile


NOTE: All authentic EnhanceMasks can be traced back to the original holder address via the contract.


With every single NFT is sourced from a Token Contract which can be traced back to the original author of the Token.

The original token contract of all EnhancedMasks is


as long as the contract matches you have yourself an Original Enhanced Mask.

Enhanced Apes is a project consisting of 10,000 unique individual Ape NFTs that are each hand drawn by a very talented artist we have chosen to partner with. There are two end goals

  1. Saving the gorillas. By adopting every single gorilla on the Gorilla Fund organization we will be able to do our part in saving the Gorillas. Most people don’t know but the Gorillas are slowly becoming more and more of an endangered species. There are many factors that are resulting in their population decline, but the main factor is human deforestation.
  2. Our second objective is rewarding those who aid us in our journey. Saving the Gorilla’s isn’t cheap. Most people that donate money to a cause don’t get any recognition. We aim to give the holders of an Enhanced NFT Ape the chance to see the fruits of their labors. Along the way we have set up many many milestones that give back to the community. Just by holding an Enhanced NFT Ape you will automatically have the chance to win one of many free PC Desktops, receiving 3 chances in winning a free Tesla Model 3. These perks are exclusive only to Enhanced NFT Ape holders.

You can view our roadmap and goals Here


It’s actually quite easy. For this example we will be using the SafemoonWallet and ExploreNFT. Other wallets may vary but the basis is the same.

Things you’ll need: PC, Phone, BSC

  1. On your PC web browser of choice, go to and click on the wallet connect button at the top of the page. It looks like a blue wave. Now there should be a QR code that popped up on your tab.
  2. On your phone open up your Safemoon Wallet go into settings and tap on WalletConnect. IMPORTANT: Do not let your phone screen go black during any part of the process, you may have to restart the process.
  3. Using SafemoonConnect tap “Create New Connection” and scan the QR code.
  4. When you’ve scanned the QR a pop should appear on your phone within the SFM-Wallet asking if you want to connect to the website. It will give give you the option to choose the network you wish to you, for this we will use the BSC network. Once you’ve confirmed all the information, correct website, and network. tap “Connect”
  5. Your Wallet is now connected! Just to be safe, do not let your phone sleep or have screen go black. Sometimes this is enough to cut the connection and you will have to start all over again.
  6. Select the NFT you wish to buy confirming you have enough BNB to cover the cost of the NFT and gas.
  7. You’ve now clicked buy and the website is processing the payment. A pop up on your phone should appear confirming that you wish to purchase this NFT for x amount of BNB. Go ahead and approve and confirm.
  8. You will be met with a second pop up asking if you wish to pay a small fee to cover the gas. Go ahead and approve.
  9. Now you own an NFT!
  10. If you are done buying NFTs, always make sure to disconnect your account on both the website and the SafemoonWallet.

NOTE: On step 7, if the website is stuck on the processing screen and you can’t progress to step 8. You will need to disconnect the connection on both your wallet and the website, clear your browser cashes and start over again.

This can mean a couple things:

  1. The traffic is high and multiple people are trying to buy the same toke. Refresh and reconnect. Chances are that token has already been bought by someone else.
  2. There is something wrong with the connection between the website and your wallet. All you have to do is clear your cashes and restart the process.

First, make sure you actually purchased the NFT. Sometimes when the volume is high and many people are looking to buy the same NFT, the transaction can get stuck in the processing screen and you won’t receive the pop up on the wallet asking you to confirm. This just means that someone either already bought it, or something is wrong with connection. Don’t worry, as long as you have not confirmed your purchase in the wallet, your funds haven’t change.

Using the SFM you can check your BNB transaction history and confirm that you have just made a purchase for the NFT. Currently you are not able to view your NFT in the SafemoonWallet, soon there will be an update released by the dev’s allowing you to view you NFT holding.

We are going to be using the MetaMask Wallet as an example on how to view your NFTs. The basis is the same across all wallets. (This section will be updated once the Safemoon Wallet has been updated.)

  1. Open up your MetaMask Wallet and swipe over to the NFT section.
  2. tap on “import token”
  3. from the website your bought the NFT from, copy and paste the “Token Contract”
  4. type in the Token ID
  5. tap “import”
  6. your NFT should now be visible.

If you have any more questions that weren’t answered in this FAQ post. Feel free to post your question in the comment section or DM a Mod.


If you have any more questions that weren’t answered in this FAQ post. Feel free to post your question in the comment section or DM a Mod.

Disclaimer: A Moderator will never ask you for personal or sensitive information. A mod will never ask you for your seed phrase.

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Have a good day! 🙂

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So, you’re new to crypto and you’ve got some questions. FAQ



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Education Topics

Slippage is **the difference between the price you expect to get on the crypto you have ordered and the price you actually get when the order executes** To be clear, *Slippage* does not refer to tax. Slippage is a term used to determine the price action of a token while the Swap is processing on the back end, allowing the network to factor in the rise and fall of price as its happening.

While Tokens like “ENH” have an automatic 14% tax built into the contract. Slippage has nothing to do with the tax and is affected by the price action of the Token you are swapping and the Token you are swapping for.

We have zero control over how much it costs to use the BSC network at any given time.

How transaction fees work is based on the demand of the BSC Network. As the price and volume goes up for BNB so may the fees to use it. As the Network gets more and more congested, the price to use the Network also goes up.

Note: don’t send your tokens from one wallet to another unless you want to open up a new wallet and pay the transfer fees.

  1.    Its actually verry easy. Open up TrustWallet and go to the settings. Brows through the settings until you find you seed phrases(pass phrases) This should be a list of 12 words. These 12 words are the lock and key to access your wallet any time. Depending on what wallet you use, it could be 24 word phrases.
  2.    Be sure to write these down paper. I personally suggest to NEVER write these down anyone on a digital space ie notes or word document. if you are the victim of a cyber attack you may lose everything. Make sure to store it somewhere safe because if you lose your phone, get a new phone or delete the app you’ll always be able to recover your wallet using the seed phrase.
  3.    Once you have your seed phrase you can import your wallet to the SafemoonWallet or any wallet that works on the BSC Network.

Whenever you open up a wallet you receive your 12-24 word phrases followed by a warning to keep these phrases safe and in the order they were given. By writing them down and having these phrases somewhere safe and accessible you will be able to access your wallet any time.

Your wallet will forever exist on the Blockchain. Even if you no longer have access to it, it will be there and will never be touched.

Short answer is no. Your wallet exists and can solely be accessed by you. As long as you haven’t given out your seed phrases. You are safe.

However, that does not mean it cant be done. By clicking on a malicious link or connecting your wallet to an unsecure site you open yourself up to those who wish to do harm. Make sure to always check the link to the dapps or NFT market that you are attempting to connect to before you allow your wallet to connect. There are websites out there disguised as PancakeSwap or SafemoonSwap with the sole intention of taking your money. Be safe, double check and don’t connect to a site that you are unsure of. Do your research first.

First off, relax and take a breath. Some exchanges, like coinbase, generate a new address every time the current address is used or requested. This is done to allow the safety and anonymity of its users. Do a quick google search about the exchange you have sent to or are planning to use and confirm that they implement this practice.

MAKE SURE that you are always sending your crypto to the correct address. Most of the time if you send it to the wrong address you cannot and will not get it back. Always double check.

An “ox” refers to your receiving address on the BSC. This is public information and can be given out freely. Anyone can use it to see what you hold on the BSC but they cannot access it. Your ‘ox’ allows people to send crypto directly to your wallet.

This is most likely a *Dusting Attack*. Do not touch them. Just remove them from your list and forget they ever existed.

A dusting attack is when **the malicious attacker sends small amounts of cryptocurrency to multiple addresses**. The aim is to track these addresses and use social engineering to prepare phishing attacks.

Dusting Attacks comes in many forms, and hackers are always changing their methods. Since your address is visible on the blockchain anyone can send any crypto to you at any time. Their goal is to make you interact with said crypto so they can track you and in some cases take your money. If you have tokens you have never seen before, best thing to do is remove it from your list and ignore it. As long as you don’t interact with them, they cannot be used against you.

New to Crypto and have more questions? Feel
free to ask away. Comment any more questions you have and the Team will do
their best to answer your questions.

Have a good day!

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