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Types of Blockchains



There are two primary types of blockchains right now, public and private. Public blockchains are decentralized and are generally open for public use. They are based on various consensus types which include: Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Other types are in the process of being created. We’ll have more on those when they are released. The other type of blockchain is the Private blockchain, which is a centralized blockchain that is limited to specific users. This includes two variants: Consortium and Private blockchains. We will cover the basics of each of these below.

Proof-of-Work (PoW)

PoW works with mineable cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These two are considered coins because they have their own blockchain which they operate on. To mine these coins, computers (simply called rigs or miners) are set up in various configurations to allow maximum workload of the CPU and/or GPU to solve algorithms within the blockchain called proofs of work. Once solved the miner broadcasts the newly unlocked block to other nodes on the blockchain. The consensus process begins, which verifies the new block. Once verified the new block is added to the network and the miner receives the block reward, dependent on the blockchain the miner is on.

PoW has been criticized by many for its energy-intensive approach and has been ridiculed as environmentally dangerous. New green energy technologies and waste disposal techniques are looking into PoW powered by green energy to reduce or eliminate the negative effects.

Proof-of-Stake (PoS)

PoS involves the validation of data by network node operators. These Validators stake a designated portion of their coins/tokens from a blockchain to be eligible, this is considered collateral. Validators are chosen randomly, to an extent. Once chosen, the Validator confirms the transaction and upon block confirmation, they are rewarded in network transaction fees. 

PoS is widely considered more sustainable for long-term use due to its lower energy consumption and scalability. However, some view it as plutocratic, governed by the wealthy, as it requires its validators to stake their tokens to participate. This means only those with enough tokens get to benefit from the blockchain consensus protocol.

Private & Consortium

Private blockchains are controlled by a centralized entity; usually a financial institution, business, charity organization, government entity, or individual. These allow only specific users to be selected and are implemented for specific tasks like shipping of goods, tracking foodborne illnesses, dissemination of information to projects, and financial transactions. They can be more secure than public blockchains because data is hidden from public knowledge.

Consortium blockchains are similar but are controlled by several parties instead of a single one. Data can be shared from entity to entity within the Consortium for security and logistical purposes. This technology can ensure supply chains are maintained in an efficient manner and decrease the risk of loss, theft, and delivery disputes.

The Future

As blockchain technology evolves, the possibilities become endless. Documentation, proof of ownership, identification verification, medical records, financial capabilities, and so much more are just on the horizon. Blockchain technology is revolutionizing industries across the globe. The Blockchain Revolution has begun!

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Welcome to The Enhanced Women of Crypto Corner where we strive to keep you informed on what's going on.  We will cover not only the Enhance Empire, but also the Safemoon Ecosystem.

Enhance Education & News Hub (ENHANCE E▪N▪H) was created to put education on the forefront. Getting involved in projects can be scary and there can definitely be scams out there. Some key rules would be to :

  • Never invest before you Do Your Own Research : This entails utilizing the web. But some things to keep in mind are, only go to Official websites & social media accounts when doing your research.
  • Keep your passcodes and Seed Phrases SAFE, PRIVATE & OFFLINE 
  • Be Vigilant
  • Don’t invest what you can not afford to loose 

Some BREAKING news with-in  ENHANCE Education & NEWS HUB,  is  the addition of Metaverse Josh to  our TEAM!                    

      Read more about our TEAM

Get ready to see some exciting things! We have An amazing group of individuals that contribute to this blossoming sector of Enhance. The Enhance ENH team is going to keep you in the loop not only with articles, blogs ,& links … but there will also be a Youtube Roundtable, interviews & Twitter spaces to ensure we are staying connected with the communities and offering multiple ways for people to learn.


Some BREAKING news with-in ENH is the addition of Metaverse Josh to our TEAM!  Josh does outstanding work in the Metaverse. He started off building Club Safemoon in 2021, out of the kindness of his heart. Josh added unique community landmarks within Club Safemoon. From the Gandalf Tower, the CALL-JOHN phone booth, or the box of FUD Flakes, Josh’s attention to detail is one of a kind.

Last week, with the debut of the ENHANCED APES NFT’s there was a lot of excitement. The launch started out with airdrops to the Enhanced Mask holders first, & on Friday minting opened up to the public at 8PM EST. At that same time, Club Enhance (built solely by Josh) was throwing a Mint-Party for the Enhanced Apes. Josh, who only recently joined Enhance ENH, customized his build in a matter of days. Even after a lightning bolt hit his house damaging almost all his hardware and a gas line, see for yourself. He somehow pulled off the construction of this two story beast. There were games, music, dancing, an Enhance Bar, Tesla’s & even a rooftop basketball court.

At the time it was the most popular AltspaceVR World! They even had to close the doors to new attendees until more people left the space. Josh is already expanding and adding more space for these APES for future events.

If you are not so familiar with the Metaverse, then don’t worry. It’s still early! 

The concept is actually quite beautiful. It allows you to enter a simulated environment where communication is not dependent on just Text or voice . instead you can read the emotions of an avatar through facial expression , tone , & body language . Similarly to how working from home is becoming more popular there is much potential for what the metaverse can offer in the near future .

“Joining Club Enhance in the Metaverse for the first time was freak’n epic! Metaverse Josh gave me a tour the day before the party. 

The first place we went to was the bar where drinks were already set up! With music in the background, It felt like I was in a damn club for real!

He showed me the Enhanced Apes gallery, Which was amazing because Brooke’s art work is just flawless. Later we went to the rooftop to play some Cards Against Humanity. 

Up there you’re able to play basketball and shoot off fireworks! The experience I had there was pretty awesome. The day of the Mint Party, people where already there as soon as I walked in the room. I immediately busted out laughing because the first person I saw was Jeremiah from the Water Cooler dressed straight-up like a pimp with a cigar!😂 With this experience as my first time in the Metaverse, I spent 2 hours in Club Enhance!  That should tell you how much I enjoyed it. I loved the vibe there!”         NISSI

Now, how exactly does one participate in Club Enhance on AltspaceVR?            
  • The ideal way would be with a VR headset. Currently the Oculus Quest 2 is the most popular because of its affordability amongst VR headsets. HERE are your options.
  • The second option would be to enter on a PC in 2D mode. This article will walk you through the steps to get you there.

  • At the moment there is no way to participate on a mobile device, but I am hopeful it may be possible in the future.

One special world in AltspaceVR is the Enhanced Apes Gallery. Check out this  teaser Josh posted on his Twitter account. The Gallery showcases the SES team’s apes as well as the Enhanced Apes Road-map & some rare apes too. Scan this QR code to access the Road-map

Enhance Education & News Hub (ENHANCE E▪N▪H)  has many ways to stay knowledgeable & informed

 You can learn more about the Enhanced Apes HERE 

To look more closely at the #EnhancedApes Roadmap click HERE

There is a lot of exciting stuff lined up for the Enhance Empire this year.

In addition to the insane Road map for the APES, the have Enhanced Energy (a solar company op.), an NFT platform, the new Enhance energy drink, a key note speech at NFT Expoverse in July, and new exchange listing on BitMart. That’s just some of what’s already announced. This is just the beginning!

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Welcome to The Enhanced Women of Crypto Corner where we strive to keep you informed on what's going on.  We will cover not only the Enhance Empire, but also the Safemoon Ecosystem.

Together we can be the Leading community to educate & inform Women on their way into the Crypto & NFT space.

join ewoc pfp

So, what’s going on with Crypto? 

DeFi has been taking the lead in the Crypto scene, giving the average investor a shot at generational wealth.  New adoption brings diversity of investors. Listed below is an article showcasing how women are taking over!

Bakkt’s New Study Suggests Women Will Take Over The Crypto Space

“Crypto Owners Vs. No-coiners

There’s no substitute for direct contact. In this section of Bakkt’s study, the difference between male and female takes a back seat to the fact that no-coiners feel lost in the crypto world.

  • Crypto owners feel like they know about the subject more than those who haven’t had hands-on experience with crypto assets. 70% of no-coiners rate “their crypto knowledge as low or very low, which compares to only 13% of male crypto owners and 22% of women crypto owners who rate their knowledge as low or very low.” 
  • Women no-coiners “select “confusing”, “risky”, and “scary” as top words to describe how they perceive crypto.” On the other hand, crypto owners of both sexes “share some of the same top words including: “opportunity,” “growth”, “bold”, and “revolutionary”
  • In this female-only item, “82% of women who have purchased crypto say they are likely to purchase in the future, compared to only a third of” women no-coiners.”

As far as the Women in the E.W.O.C. goes, things are just getting started. Enhanced Apes artist, Brooke, recently Launched her first NFT collection with ENHANCE on the newly  developed NFT platform. Brooke is an amazingly talented artist who has an incredible future ahead of her. She has put blood, sweat & tears into the ENHANCED APES for the past year & NOW it’s her time to shine.  Brooke’s official Twitter account can be found here, give her a Follow!

You can also get to know her in an Enhanced Women of Crypto podcast Episode, Available now on Spotify.

She is a mother by day and an Artist by night. Brooke shows a unique texture technique in her work found on her Instagram

Enhanced Women of Crypto is going to be a well known community in the future. Be sure to get to know some of the founding ladies behind the project. Check out our E.W.O.C Team page

Morgan rounde
E.W.O.C Educator & E.N.H Editor
dart pfp rounded
Founder & Commander of E.W.O.C
SafemoonNurse PFP small roudned
Safemoon Nurse
E.W.O.C Second in Command

Here are some resources we use to keep up on the daily within the Safemoon Ecosystem & DeFi at large.  From The Safemoon Education Team alone there are some hidden gems, Two of whom are Women paving their way to success. Better known on Twitter & Facebook as Momo Kombat & SafeMoon Pulse. You can stay informed Daily with the LOWDOWN

Or Tune in on a Monthly basis via the PULSE.

One last link from the Official Safemoon website I’ll leave for you is the Crypto Glossary.

I would recommend to copy and paste the definitions to a word doc. file so you can print a hard copy to keep handy at home.

Work smarter, NOT harder. 
Safemoon Education
safemoon shawn banner

Enhance Education & News Hub (ENHANCE E▪N▪H)  has many ways to stay knowledgeable & informed

 You can learn more about the Enhanced Apes HERE 

To look more closely at the #EnhancedApes Roadmap click HERE

As you travel this journey, always do your own research (DYOR) & utilize the tools around you.

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