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About Enhance Education

What is this site?

Welcome to Enhance Education and News! We are excited to debut our new platform aiming to bring fun, informative, and easy to access educational content for the entire defi space. We will have text, audio, video and much more in order to bring knowledge to the crypto beginner as well as the experienced veterans. History, current events, technical analysis, interviews, and anything else you can imagine… Enhance Education will have it! Stay tuned!

How did this get started?

Enhance Education began with two Enhance telegram mods: IcarusPhoenix27 and EnhancedNeal. The battlegrounds of FUD forced the day one educators to learn every fact and detail about the project they could in order to combat misinformation. In the end, Telegram was vanquished, Icarus and Neal were promoted to Official Enhance Educators by Megatron, and the seeds were planted…

On an Enhance space hosted by CEO Safemoon Ace, a young man named Jon stepped to the mic. Thinking he was talking with community members, he was pleasantly surprised to find himself immediately in conversation with the core team of Enhance. His enthusiasm was apparent from the beginning to everyone in the SES and before we knew it, Jon Enhanced SFMooner was a member. A quick meeting or two with the team and those 3 got to work building the site with Jon as the project lead. The education department and platform is just getting started, with Viking and Morgan as the two newest members.

How do I get involved?

Enhance ENH (Education & News Hub) it still building out. While we are a small team we have large aspirations. Stay turned for future updates as we build and grow.

Icarus Phoenix27
Enhanced Neal

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