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Enhanced Apes Roadmaps

Enhance’s second and largest NFT Project to date will be the Enhanced Apes, launching on April 1st (re-branded as April FACTS Day). Not surprisingly, the project is packed with all kinds of utility and ways to give back to the community. It’s going to have 10,000 apes in total and every single attribute is hand drawn. The project will be on the binance smart chain and will be able to be purchased using BSC Smart Chain. This is massive and will be a game changer in the NFT World, showing BSC what a NFT project can be!

ENH NFT Marketplace

King Ape NFT

On top of that, it will be listed on Enhance’s brand new multi chain NFT platform and marketplace. The Marketplace will be discussed in another article. The team is always looking at how to enhance defi, and this is just the next example of HelloEnhance accomplishing their mission!

Apes Enhancing Enhance Token

let’s start to talk about what the Enhanced Apes bring to Enhance as a project overall.

12.5 percent of all profits generated from the Enhanced Apes will go directly into Enhance Token. This will happen in two ways:

    • 6.25 percent will go directly into the LP. This raises the price floor while also increasing stability in the token.


    • 6.25 percent will go into BUYING AND BURNING TOKENS!!

This is very exciting for two reasons: It raises the tokens volume and reduces the overall supply of Enhance.

This will ultimately result in an increase of Safemoon’s burn.

Operation Forever Fuel

Operation Forever Fuel will generate 1 million dollars from the Apes Project. This will be spent on equipment to create a large-scale solar mining operation. The majority of the funds will go directly into the Enhance token in LP and buy & burns.

    • This will become an automated source of revenue that is reliant on literally no one. This is a very exciting concept because holders will see Safemoon rewards consistently by simply holding even if no one ever bought the token again.
    • With each 1 thousand apes that are sold, Enhance will be spending 100 thousand dollars on mining and solar equipment. 

APES Giving Back to the Community!

Enhance has always aimed at giving back to it’s holders. The NFT Project is a shining example of that behavior, doing giveaways with every 1000 apes sold. Here is a full list of the giveaways broken down:

  • 1000 apes sold – 1 Tesla Model 3 or the same value in BSC, 100 Oculus’s

  • 2000 apes sold – 1 Tesla Model 3 or the same value in BSC, 100 Oculus’s

  • 3000 apes sold – 10 Alexander desktops, 1 Tesla Model 3 or the same value in BSC, 100 Oculus’s

  • 4000 apes sold – 1 Tesla Model 3 or the same value in BSC, 100 Oculus’s

  • 5000 apes sold – Tickets and Air Travel to a Major cryp  to event will be purchased and sent to select holders and another 100 Oculus’s
  • 6000 apes sold – 10 Alexander desktops, 1 Tesla Model 3 or the same value in BSC, 100 Oculus’s

  • 7000 apes sold – 100 oculus’s

  • 8000 apes sold – 20 Alexander desktops, 100 Oculus’s

  • 9000 apes sold – Hello Enhance will purchase its FIRST Community vacation home available only to holders of the Enhanced Apes NFT Collection, and 100 Oculus’s

  • 10000 Apes Sold – A FREAKING LAMBO!

 The Lamborghini (or BNB equivalent) will be raffled off live during a massive Enhance Community Live event and retreat. This will include music, food, speakers, and more. This event will be held in both real life and the metaverse. 1000 of you will be able to attend with your Oculus that you won in previous raffles!

This is where it stands today and what we know is going to happen!

Shout out to the 750 mask holders that either hold or will buy an ape because you are going to be the VIP’s to some really cool things either in the real world or in the metaverse.

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