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Enhance Token

Enhance is a BEP-20 token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) and was launched in late October, 2021. The project itself was born out of a small group from within the Safemoon community, this group had gotten together and created EnhanceToken’s two underlying mission statements. The 1st of the two statements is the very foundation on which Enhance and it’s own community operate, and that is to “escort Safemoon safely to the moon” – Chase Coleman CEO & Co-Founder.

The 2nd of the two statements is to establish itself as a valuable stand-alone asset.

EnhanceToken Passively rewards all Holders in 11% Safemoon

EnhancToken implements an automatic 14% tax on all buy and sells, then utilizes a Dual-Tokenomics system that rewards all holders 11% in Safemoon based on the volume of Enhance at any given time.

The remaining 3% of that 14% tax is then divvied into 3 parts:

– 1% Sent to the Mission Control Wallet

– 1% Sent directly to the tokens LP

– 1% Sent to the Marketing Wallet

It’s through this that Enhance aims to assist it’s holders and Safemoon  safely to the moon. As of March of 2022, the contract has already bought and distributed over 400 million Safemoon Tokens to its holders.

The Future of Enhance

Enhance’s mission to become it’s own standalone asset is multi-faceted roadmap. This project has many use cases and projects released or in the pipeline that brings value into the token. 

Enhanced Apes
Enhance Merchandise
NFT Marketplace

All these initiatives are working at creating “Business Revenue Generating Tokenomics” (BRGT). What this means is that a retail fiat business generating as much net profit as possible to add liquidity and volume to the Token!

BRGT = more rewards and a stable token for the holders! 

Chase Coleman
Rio McFarland
Mathew Hudson
Jason Pelaez
Justin Gosselin
Zee Ahmed

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