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Enhance Energy

Enhance Energy is Hello Enhance’s Solar Panel company.

This is one aspect that Enhance is bringing real world utility through crypto currency. We are awaiting more information from the core team but here is a breakdown of what we do know.

Enhance is currently allowing people to sign up to learn more information about selling Enhance Energy Solar Panels. They have teased top tier commission structure that can be paid in fiat or crypto currency. This makes a first of its kind opportunity of a crypto currency offering real world jobs to its community.

This project along with every project form Enhance will contribute to the ecosystem using BRGT (business revenue generated Tokenomics.) It will support the token. Not to mention the Enhanced Apes projecting are building a solar mining operation but that’s probably nothing.

More information will be coming so watch for that, but in the meantime click here to be able to sign up for more info.

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