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Born out of fud fighting necessity, the Enhance Educators are always here to bring nothing but the facts. As we grow we add more scholars and knowledge enthusiasts to enhance the defi space and make sure no one is left without the tools they need to understand this exciting new world. Our inboxes are always open and we look forward to sharing all we've learned while hopefully learning from everyone else in the process!

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Official Educator
Enhanced Neal
Talent Acquisition Manager
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Official Educator
Viking | Artokolyps
Crypto Reporter
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Official Educator
Icarus Phoenix 27
Decentralized Promotional Correspondent
Morgan rounde
E.N.H Editor
E.W.O.C Educator
Metaverse man
Metaverse Josh
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E.W.O.C Educator
Educational Graphic Artist
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Jon SFMooner
E.N.H Project Manager
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Official EDU Twitter

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