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E.W.O.C Member & Sole Artist of the 10,000 ENHANCED APES NFT’s

My name is Brooke, you guys can call me ‘B’ 😏

I’m @safemoonace’s little sister… I’m also the artist behind the enhanced ape’s!

I’m a mom, wife, sister, daughter, aunt…and an artist!


and have an amazing family standing behind me ❤️ and I’ve been drawing & painting my whole life; I’m so grateful my brother Ace got me into digital art! and I’m ecstatic that I’m getting the chance to show my creative side!

Art is my passion..
and I’m excited to go to the moon with everyone in this community!!!

Brooke & Ace growing up together

“EWOC’s hold a special place in my heart! This is a group of empowering women! So welcoming, and so helpful!!

A group of strong women in a male predominantly owned space learning more together about crypto!


A place where women can rise in confidence at their own pace!

We also have amazing males that have our back and support us all the way!

This is only the beginning of something VERY VERY special!!❤️🤘🏼” – Brooke

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