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*SafeMoon Nissi*

🇺🇸🇵🇷Wife, Mother & SafeMoon Holder🚀


My name is Safemoon Nissi. I’m SafeMoon Shmoke’s wife. I came into crypto months after my husband kept bugging me about it, especially about Safemoon. 

I officially joined the crypto world when he started his YouTube channel. I decided to tag along and join the roller coaster ride of watching the numbers go up and down, silly I know! But, since I’ve seen that he was creating hype videos about Safemoon, I had to join in that fun. I want to be as hyped as he is about a project, especially a project that my hubby and I invest in.

I’ a mother of 4 whom I want to see a bright future for so I choose to learn more about crypto. Crypto is not the only thing I’m into, I love spending time with my hubby & kids,  watching my boys play baseball, I love watching my daughter do ballet and, I personally love trying different kinds of food from different countries.

I’m on this journey to learning more of this exciting thing they call “Crypto”, especially SafeMoon. As Safemoon is at the forefront of innovation, I am also on the forefront of expanding my knowledge in this space.

“Being part of #EWOC means a lot to me because it is a place where I can go to learn more about crypto without feeling intimidated. Surrounding myself with other women who are willing to learn right along with me is a great feeling because you actually feel that no one is left behind. Which led to why I chose to become an EWOC member,  I want to help lead a great group of women that are willing to learn about crypto.” – SafemoonNissi


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