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🌐SafeMoon Tae🌑

Professional Make-Up & Tattoo Artist. I SLAY FACES BUT TWITTER IS FOR CRYPTO!


Hey y’all! My name is Shante!

I am a Mom, licensed esthetician, permanent makeup tattoo artist, esthetics instructor & professional makeup artist. 

Many of you know me through my husband SafeMoonAce. He is actually how I became a part of the SES! His passion and enthusiasm for crypto got me interested in learning more for myself.

Fun fact about me:
I love to empower other women!

Whether that be through makeup or crypto knowledge

sharing with my community makes my heart full.

“When I first got into crypto I quickly realized how male dominated the crypto space was. Sometimes that can be intimidating especially for a beginner like myself. Meeting the ladies in the EWOC was like a breath of fresh air! Finally a community for the girls! No gate keeping, no drama, just women empowering other women. I have learned so much from everyone and this is only the beginning. I know Crypto is the future and it’s important to not only educate yourself but to also get involved. I’m so excited to be a part of this!” – SafemoonTae

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