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Crypto mima. started this year but becoming knowledgeable. #safemoon enthusiast. #Evergrowcoin lover.


I’m a mother, grandmother and crypto enthusiast/student.

I love learning new and innovative things.

I started crypto on a hunch during the pandemic and I’ve continued moving forward, learning, listening and absorbing knowledge from all walks of life.

I also pay attention to my gut about investments, which I feel counts for a lot of issues in life.

I’m a blogger and run IG and FB pages for people over 50, encouraging people to start moving, lifting and taking care of themselves for longevity and active living.

I believe there are no age limits for goals, goal-setting, knowledge, and learning.

“To me, E.W.O.C is a place where women of all ages and in all stages of crypto can learn or provide information without feeling uncomfortable. E.W.O.C is a movement for women to shine in the crypto world.” ~ Cryptomima

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