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Graciela M. Torres Colón is a Puerto Rican musician and singer.

Graduated in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre from the Faculty of Humanities, with a second concentration in Human Resources Management, Faculty of Business Administration.

She continued her studies at the University of Puerto Rico where she completed her Master’s degree in Cultural Administration and Management.

Graciela likes social media, arts, entertainment, science fiction movies, science and technology. Graciela considers herself responsible, respectful, friendly and wishes to contribute to society from her knowledge and human values.

She wants to contribute something more to society.

Her philosophy is, to helpful and kind to children lacking love or some other need. She want to enable them by giving them the chance to contribute to society with their own gifts and talents.

For this very reason, she accepted to be part of this community of empower women’s EWOC.

She understands that these types of communities can help her to achieve her goals and future dreams, understanding that women must be involved in the constant changes of history, including education in crypto, blockchains and their various utilities to the society.

“Participating in the E.W.O.C. community opens the way for other women to become interested in new investment trends.

It is a great opportunity to share knowledge and learn about cryptocurrencies in a space where only women lead.

I am happy and honored to be part of this initiative.

Women must be empowered by these new trends and must learn and educate themselves.

Being a member brings me great satisfaction.” Graciela

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