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Safemoon Enhancement Squadron

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The S.E.S Team is comprised of a wide range of unique and talented individuals from all over the world. They were brought together under Enhance’s C.E.O, Chase Coleman, and his original objective which has now become the basis of all things ‘Enhance.’

“To Become the Number 1 Safemoon Enhancement Squadron to Ever Exist…” Chase Coleman.

Now, led by the Enhances Core team member and Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Pelaez, the General of the S.E.S Team.

General of the S.E.S

S.E.S is divided into multiple divisions led by Sub Commanders within the S.E.S who oversees operations within the organization. Sub Commanders are charged with reporting back to the General, Jason Pelaez, the man in charge and who brought the S.E.S together. 



“The S.E.S is the future of DeFi!

 The idea of the decentralization of ideas formulated together as a unit.

The ability to use the full potential of a quantum computer, the brain, through crowd sourcing information.” ~ Jason Pelaez

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Jason Pelaez

Sub Commanders

The role of Sub Commander is at the top of the hierarchy that makes up the structure of the S.E.S, other than the General himself. Sub Commanders hold a very important role within the S.E.S and report directly to the General to ensure that everything is in working order making sure the team can run like a well oiled machine. 

The Sentinels

Thee most important part of S.E.S are the Sentinels themselves. Without their hard work and dedication to Enhance and the team we would be nowhere near where we are today. The S.E.S at it’s core is built and constructed by Safemoon and Enhance Community members alike from across the globe.

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