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The heart and Soul

In any group or community there is always the heart and soul. The Sentinels are arguable the very core of the inner workings of Enhance and the S.E.S. Being the first line of defense against FUD, you can always count on the Sentinels to have your back when you stand for facts and truths witnin the DefFi space.

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Promotional Manager
Trinni boy pfp small rounded
S.E.S Member
Justin Code pfp Small rounded
Justin Code
S.E.S Member
Nathaniel moon pfp Small rounded
Nathaniel Moon
S.E.S Member
Tom Heisler pfp small rounded
Tom Heisler
S.E.S Member
Safemoon Zo pfp small rounded
Safemoon Zo
S.E.S Member
JKnocks pfp small rounded
S.E.S Member
Broken eye pfp small rounded
Broken Eye
S.E.S Member
Safemoon Shawn pfp small rounded
Safe Shawn
S.E.S Member
Preacher pfp small rounded
Enhanced Preacher
S.E.S Member
Safemoon John small rounded pfp
Enhanced John
S.E.S Member
Safemoon Leon small rounded pfp
Safemoon Leon
S.E.S Member
TruthSauce SFM pfp small rounded
Truth Sauce.SFM
S.E.S Member
Morgan pfp small rounde
E.W.O.C Educator & Editor
Ninja Moon Sniper pfp small rounded
Ninja Moon Sniper
S.E.S Member
edgewraps nft pfp small rounded
Edge Wraps
S.E.S Member
safemoon tux pfp small rounded
Safemoon Tux
S.E.S Member
Enhanced Shawn pfp Small Rounded
Enhanced Shawn
S.E.S Member
safemoon sargent pfp small rounded
Safemoon Sargent
S.E.S Member
Pat mfn bell pfp small rounded
Pat MFN Bell
S.E.S Member
Richard Perry pfp small roudned
Richard Perry
S.E.S Member
safemoon racer pfp small rounded
Safemoon Racer
S.E.S Member
future ses pfp
See yourself as S.E.S?
Then we'll find you.
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Safemoon Lounge
S.E.S Member

This could be you.

Future E.W.O.C Member

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