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Enhanced Preacher

🌐 Enhanced preacher

A pragmatic safemoon and Enhance lover and investor, crypto enthusiast, #safrmoonArmy, #EnhanceToken #EnhanceSES

I’m Abraham Emmanuel from Abia state in Nigeria and also a member of the Enhance SES

I ventured fully into crypto march last year and safemoon was my first and only investment during that period.

My love for crypto further inspired me into leading some crypto groups on Facebook and telegram, soon I went on researching about other projects that have potential futures and strong projects.

Then I came across Enhance token and thanks to my friend Megatron I wouldn’t have been a part of this great community.

Enhance token is a dream come true in the defi world. It comprises of a focused and hardworking team, members whose prime focus is bent on serving humanity by creating required services through it various utilities fir what I believe is a positive evolution. 

That’s what makes me love this community the most.


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