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Tom Heisler

🌐👈🗝️🚀Tom Heisler 3D Wizard 🧩🖥️🖨️💎🙌

Mechanic at Tyson Foods, 3d printing, Fusion 360 CAD designing, Safemoon Diamond Hands, Out of the Box Thinker, Jack of many Things


Net Veteran of 9.6 years. Last rank IC2/ Interior Communications Electrician Petty Officer 2nd Class

I found out about Safemoon and Enhance the same way, from fudders. I decided to do my own research and Started talking with Megatron around November and I became bullish on both.

My hobby really consist of 3d designing and printing, in which I been in 3-4 yrs now. I’ve been working on roll of 3D engineer, though I am not there yet, I will be soo. I’ll be Enhancing my rank and products development for Enhance.


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