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Safemoon Leon

🌐SafeMoon Leon🌑

Enhance SES Member, Safemoon Astronaut

I’m a 28 year old entrepreneur with my hand in a lot of different businesses and different hobby’s that make me money.

I found the SES in the early days of Safemoon Jr. I was a big fan of what the core team was about and wanted to expand my knowledge in the Crypto World. 10 months later after getting into crypto I’m now confident in my ability to find legit projects thanks to the SES and Enhance Team.

Being apart of the SES is like having a secret crypto handbook, if you don’t know something about crypto someone in the SES will know about it.

Some of my hobbies include building Cannabis extraction equipment/rooms (BHO/Ethanol) and cannabis grow rooms, building and setting up GPU mining rigs, building guns, cars, and welding.

You have the ability to make your own future, you just have to be willing to put in the work for how much of a future you want to have.

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