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Sub Commanders


Sub Commanders

Leaders in the S.E.S!

The Leaders of the S.E.S is comprised of talented and unique individuals from all across the globe. From Canada to Australia and everything in between the S.E.S have managed to stake their claim in the both the Material and Crypto world. Built and designed to be the strongest community born organization, these people have taken it upon themselves to lead the charge for Enhance and assist in "Safely Escorting Safemoon to the Moon."

dart pfp rounded
E.W.O.C Founder
Wuddles pfp small rounded
Official Enhance NFT Curator
Icurus pfp Small rounded
Icarus Phoenix27
Decentralized Promotional Correspondent
Enhanced Neal small rounded pfp
Enhanced Neal
Talent Acquisition Manager
SafemoonNurse PFP small roudned
Safemoon Nurse
Shrimp pfp small rounded
Sub Commander
Gotti small rounded pfp
Business Development Manager
Reaper small rounded pfp
Safemoon Reaper
Sub Commander
Les pfp small roudned
International Team Coordinator
Viking pfp small rounded
Crypto Educator
Truth100 pfp small rounded
Truth 100%
Sub Commander
Jon sfmooner pfp2 small rounded
Jon SFMooner
Education Project Manager

Do you see yourself as S.E.S?

Truth100 pfp small rounded
Jhon Doe
Web Designer
Nulla vitae elit libero, a pharetra augue. Curabitur blandit tempus porttitor cum sociis.

This could be you.

Future E.W.O.C Member

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