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Icarus Phoenix 27


Official Enhance Educator. SubCommander OperationSES. Fine tune knowledge in search of wisdom. Consider. Reason.


44 Years old, I was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, Ny.

I now live in the desert of New Mexico.

I started into crypto a few years ago with Litecoin but nothing I paid attention to much. I found out about Safemoon in April 2021 and bought a small bag on Bitmart.

A month or so later I made my first wallet and left the CEX. I started learning about the BSC and all the projects on it and was hooked. I spend my days reading and watching charts. I invested in Safemoon Jr. during it’s second week and filled out and application to join the SES.

Megatron was in contact with me for several weeks then invited me to join in late September. It’s been an exciting ride over these months and I’m proud to have the title of Official Enhance Educator.

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