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🌐 Les 🍌

Son, Brother, Uncle, Husband and Father. Jack of all Trades, Master of None! #FudFighter #Safemoonfamily #Enhance #xrp Early Retirement? here’s hoping🤞

My name is Les, and I was the first member from Australia to be accepted in to the SES.

I found Enhance after starting my journey in crypto a little over twelve months ago through buying the more mainstream coins. After venturing into the BSC world I heard SafemoonAce on a telegram voice chat, introducing a new token he and his team were launching.

This was also the moment I first heard about Safemoon.

Im a father of three beautiful children. Service technician/installer and boilermaker by trade. I’ve never been scared of hard work and I’m always willing to learn. Proud and honoured to represent SES from down under🇦🇺

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