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Cary Beyer
44 years minted. Current Active Duty Navy, 19 years, and getting ready to retire next year.

In the Aviation field, I grew up working on Cars, trucks, automotive field training, some Electrical experience both residential and commercial, and Machinery equipment repair. As well as some retail sales experience in sporting goods for a few years.

I got into crypto during the Doge spike, had a few good opportunities, and missed out on a few times buy selling out to early, learned from that.

I  then did research and learned more and more, tried some stock trading, and got some experience with that until I was suspended for being a day trader… Which led me into Safemoon. I and became a believer in early Apr 2021. Bought and held and bought more. Ran across SafemoonJr in the early days trying to diversify my portfolio.

Loved the rewards being more Safemoon.

Joined the discord and became active in helping spread the love and education of the project. From that I was recruited into the SES by MegaTron and plan on being an active, resourceful asset to the Enhance SES family.

I Love the togetherness and feeling of the whole Enhance team.

Proud to be here and help out the crypto defi community to learn and support Enhance well Into the future.

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