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Truth 100%


#EnhanceToken Sub-Commander SES team member, NFT creator of Mad Pear Posse, #SafemoonArmy member, Army Veteran, 🚀, Safemoon and EnhanceToken investor


My name is Truth100%

I’m a twitter/YouTube content creator and overall hype man on the keyboard.

I create original gif’s in twitter, and always try not to use the same material twice.

I have been a Safemoon holder since April 6, 2021 and Safemoon Jr, which transitioned to EnhanceToken until this day.

You can always count on me to give you 100% the truth, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it helps, but you can always know it’s the truth.

I’m married and my children are all grown up and on their own, I’m a manager for a big box company. I’m a Army veteran, Firearms instructor ( and a very down to earth individual.

Crypto currency and NFT’s are my main investments, but I hold a nice company stock bag where I work.

I’m so proud to be apart of the Enhance SES family. 

A special thank you to the Enhance Core team for accepting me for who I am and not leaving me behind.

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