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Safemoon Shawn

🌐Enhanced Shawn🌑

Enhance SES!! AKA @SafeShawn1

 Just trying to do my part to help with the massive adoption in the Cryto Space.

I am a husband and father of 2 with a third one due on July 5th.

I have been investing in Crypto since 2017 with one of my first purchases being Doge Coin.

I joined the SES back in SFM Jr. days because I saw a huge opportunity to help out with spreading positivity, education and they were an amazing group of people.

If you have been in my Twitter spaces you would know that I am very transparent and also have no filter most the time whatsoever. But realize that when that happens, it is not from arrogance but from my deep passion for crypto and the mass adoption of crypto to come.

I also try to educate when possible with my own personal experiences and research I have done in the crypto space. Plus, I also do giveaways in my spaces just to make it fun and help people out by introducing opportunities to people that are new to crypto or NFT’s.

If you ever have any questions, please shoot me a DM and if I can’t answer the question, I am sure I can find someone for you who can. #SpreadLoveNotFud

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