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Chase Coleman AKA Safemoon Ace

SafeMoon Ace

CEO of
@EnhanceToken & @HelloEnhance
🌖 #SafeMoon X #EnhanceToken 🌐

Chase Coleman, CEO and Co-Founder of Hello Enhance

Chase brings a unique set of skills to the table as CEO. Using those talents, he is on a mission to make the defi space accessible to everyone. That starts with making Hello Enhance a company that anyone can access.

Enhance Token is a bep-20 Safemoon rewards token on the Binance Smart Chain. Enhance has two missions. Mission one is to escort Safemoon safely to the moon, while mission two is to make the Enhance Token an independently valuable asset.

Chase is the mastermind of the Enhance Token dual tokenomics BEP-20 protocol. He has led his community of 17,365 investors from a simple cryptocurrency project to one now launching a 10,000 Enhanced Ape collection on the companies very own NFT Marketplace.

Chase has been an inspiration to the DeFi community since he made his presence known back in 2021. From cryptocurrency, to NFTs, to clothing and energy drinks, he has not stopped there. He has acquired a solar energy company for his upcoming mining project, #OperationForeverFuel which will mine cryptocurrency to support the Enhance Token protocol.

His goal: Fuel the token forever and automate the Enhance Mission.

"To be the number 1 Safemoon Enhancement Squadron to ever exist!" ~ Chase Coleman

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