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Jazon Pelaez

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🌐Enhanced MegaTron V2

Enhance Chief Information Officer & General of the SES #Enhance Discord MOD #EnhancedApes #SafemoonArmy #OPERATATIONSES #SpreadLoveNotFud Creator of Mission #EWOC

My name is Jason Pelaez, better known as EnhancedMegatronV2. I’m a Las Vegas resident and the Chief Strategy Officer for Hello Enhance, as well as the General of the SES.

I have 15+ years experience in various technology sectors, including telecom, internet, and energy.

I was a SolarCity residential and commercial sales rep, and was a sales consultant for Bright Current. I developed their training program for in-home sales. I also have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with an emphasis on fraud investigation from Kaplan University. 

I was a Bitcoin investor from 2010-2014 but FUD made me exit my position. I now have a focus on fighting FUD and continuing education towards wider crypto adoptions.

Defi brought me back into crypto and I feel reflection tokens and deflationary assets are key. 

As the Chief Strategy Officer of Hello Enhance, my role is to assist in oversight of deployed utilities, making sure all pillars are consistent with the core values of our mission statements:

“Spread Love Not Fud”
“Educate And Pay It Forward.”

As General of the SES, I oversee multiple communication channels and counsel members in furthering these core values in the defi space.

I believe the end user, or investor is the most important part of a successful business equation. I value bridging the business to the investor, operating with accountability, transparency, and adaptability. I’m always seeking to develop leaders within the organization!

I feel that for ideas and feedback there is no replacement for the human brain (the ultimate quantum computer!) Always continue to invest in yourself and take time for education and knowledge.

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