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Safemoon is a reflection token, meaning a portion of all the transaction volume is “reflected”

back to all holders in Safemoon tokens, relative to their percentage of the circulating supply.

There is a 10% tax on every buy and sell, with 2% taxed on transfers. The tax is distributed 4%

to holders in Safemoon reflections, 3% to liquidity, and 2% is sent to the burn wallet and forever

removed from the circulating supply. Safemoon is well into a large scale migration of their token

from version 1(V1) to version 2 (V2). Details and instruction are on

Safemoon Team, via March 2022.

Safemoon’s core team is comprised of CEO John Karony, Sales Director Hayden Wing, VP of USA Operations Joshua Chilcutt, and Global HR Director Kate Porter.

Safemoon currently has several products released with more in development. The Safemoon Wallet is available on IOS and Android devices. Their DEX, SWaP by Safemoon, is available within the Safemoon Wallet, or on any web browser at Next up is cross chain functionality for the swap beginning with ETH and BSC trading. Upcoming products include a hard wallet, a centralized Safemoon Exchange, Safemoon Connect, Safemoon Blockchain,  and the vast scope of Operation Pheonix all to be covered in more detail in upcoming articles.



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