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Safemoon Wallet Overview

The Safemoon Wallet

The Safemoon Wallet app is available on both the Android and iOS store. It is a safe place to buy, sell, and swap your crypto and contains the Safemoon Swap which supports the BNB and ETH chains. More Chains to be announced.

With cross-chain swapping available soon, Safemoon has announced many soon to be available features that will be added to the safemoon wallet. Since it’s successful launch in late 2021 the safemoon wallet has had over 1 million downloads around the world. 

New updates and additions to the wallet are constantly  being added on the regular so that users can enjoy storing their funds safely within the app knowing that the Safemoon team has the users best interest at heart.




The Safemoon(SFM) Wallet is one of the few Crypto based wallets on the market that collects no data from it’s users. Additionally the security features like 2FA (2 factor authentication), Google Authenticator and an automatic Dapps disconnect ensures your assets are safer than ever! Soon, you’ll be able to pair it with the upcoming Safemoon Hard Wallet for the ultimate evolution in crypto security.

Safemoon continues to push the boundaries for it’s user base allowing for more flexibility and user connectivity. CEO John Karony has annouced many wonderful things and keeps hinting that the Safemoon Wallet is more than just your average Crypto Wallet.  Ryan Arriage, Safemoon’s Global Head of Products mirrored this statement by saying “We are working on the backend, this is to ensure that everything we have been working on releases in the most efficient way as possible. You’re all going to be pleasantly surprised…”

Safemoon Wallet Features

One of the main things you’ll realize when you first open your new Wallet in the Safemoon app is the simplicity and user friendly interface. The developers behind the scenes created the app to be used by those new and old to crypto. The app itself highlights this by simply looking clean, slick and minimal. on top of that, users are given an in app customizable token calculator, a token reflection tracker, the ability to buy ETH & BNB directly from the wallet; as well as one of the fastest swaps on the market. 

My personal favorite feature is the ability to view every single transaction that happens. You are able to view everything coming in or going out as they happen.


The Safemoon Wallet App is availble on iOS & Andoird.

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